Thursday, November 3, 2016

Pt. 4

Soon after leaving, Scotty came upon a fallen tree so he took a lunch break and got out an apple for Felicia. Afterwards they continued on their journey, occasionally stopping to eat or draw water from a roadside well. Again they stopped. This time though something was waiting for them. There was a deep growl that came from the forest and after a moment it was joined by many more. As quick as he could, Scotty packed up and rode of on Felicia.

After many long hours of riding nonstop Scotty came upon a cobblestone wall that was blocking his path.
“Great!” Scotty complained. “Just great!”
Felicia snorted. As Scotty was looking around for an entrance a loud voice sounded from above. It yelled “Stop right there!”
Scotty put his hands up. A figure jumped down and grabbed his arms in a tight hold.
“Who are you what are you doing?!”
“Well currently i’m being held in a death grip.”
“I’m serious!”
The soldier dragged him through a secret entrance in the wall and closed it behind them.
“You know my horse is still back there right?” Scotty asked.
The soldier grunted and kept on dragging him.

Soon, after a long while of being dragged along the ground, they arrived at a tall castle.
The soldier took off their helmet to reveal a slender yet strong looking female face with stormy gray eyes. A long curly strand of golden hair fell onto her face as the rest fell down her back as she took out the tight bun that had been holding her hair in her helmet. Scotty just stared at her.
“Follow me.” she said sternly.
They walked down a long corridor and emerged in a large room filled with hills gold coins to the ceiling. In the center stood a giant gold throne. Atop it sat a very fat and very disgusting man. The king.
“Who is this Wanda!” The king shouted.
“Sir this is, well, sir i’m not sure but i caught him trespassing on the grounds outside the walls.”
“But that territory belongs to me!” He sounded flabbergasted.
“Yes i know sir but,”
“No buts! to the dungeon with you!”
Two guards grabbed Wanda and carried her away. Scotty just stood there confused.
“Now!” The king shouted. “Who are you?!”
“My name sir, is Scotty scatterkoff prince of the kingdom of Zilloplaq.”
The king’s eyes widened. Scotty started twiddling his fingers.
“You scrawny, noodle-like, boney, feeble, sluggish, weak, excuse for a—”
Scotty cleared his throat.
“Oh yes..”
“So can i go now?”
“Yeah.. sure.”
Scotty walked out of the room and down the hall.

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  1. Funny how everyone has the same reaction when they find out who Scotty is! :-)

    Nicole @ Best Kids' Reads