Wednesday, November 16, 2016

pt. 7

When he hit the ground he felt a burning sensation in his toes as he had forgotten about the iron key that had burned his hands and dropped through the floor. He jumped up and down and yet it didn’t get him anywhere until he realized he was just going up and down and not side to side. Finally he found a way to remove himself from the hot-spot. When he walked over to the front door it opened without Scotty giving any effort. Turns out Edith forgot to lock it from the inside as well (because apparently doors work like that,) so it opened if you opened it from the inside. Scotty walked out the door triumphantly and looked for Felicia. After searching for a while Scotty heard a small whinny coming from behind a weeping willow, and when he went to investigate he found his noble (nobly adorable) steed.

As Scotty rode into the market he heard a few screams of pain and terror. This confused him considering every time he had been here it was always silent. Scotty (of Felicia of course) trotted over to the Saloon (that was where it was loudest), tied Felicia to the hitching post, and walked inside. As soon as he entered the room went silent. Scotty took a step on the floor and glass crunched under his boots and red liquid oozed from under it. He lifted his foot to see if it was his blood, but it was just the wine from the bottle he had stepped on. The burly men that had been playing darts started laughing hysterically, and all the others soon chimed in. Scotty turned bright red, but then he noticed that in the middle of the pile of drunk knights and beer brewers lay Edith. He quickly rushed over to her and listened for a heartbeat. But as soon as he lifted his head Edith sat up, threw a beer bottle, and started throwing darts everywhere. The bartender was ducking behind the counter and as soon as Scotty saw him he gestured for Scotty to duck. Edith threw a dart, Scotty ducked, and the dart hurled itself right at a barrel of rum. All the big and burly wrestler guys in the room (including the bartender) ran out the nearest exit. The liquid that was dripping from the hole started bubbling. Edith (who was dancing around like a pretty ballerina princess) knocked into a table with a candle on it and sent the candle flying at the oozing rum. as soon as the two made contact the entire bar exploded in flames. Scotty grabbed Edith and dove out before the bar completely obliterated itself. As soon as possible, Scotty threw himself and Edith onto Felicia, and sped off before the angry buff dudes could press charges.

Sorry if the past two updates have been a little short, i wanted to keep it in context so that each time a paragraph ends, that's where i stop.

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