Thursday, February 23, 2017

life stories: We don't like you!

When i was around five years old, I was OBSESSED with Dora! One day, my mom told me that we were going to go see Dora. She was apparently visiting a nearby civic center and my mom thought it would be fun for me. So we went to go see Dora, i got all decked out in my Dora outfit, complete with pink shirt, orange shorts, and Dora sandals!

Now, there is one thing you should know about my family growing up, we were encouraged that Spongebob was bad. okay, maybe not bad, but my mom didn't like the show and the apparent message being portrayed in the show, so i grew up knowing that we didn't like Spongebob. So, of course, Spongebob just so happened to be Dora's friend. Which made me upset. So, what little 5 year old me does, is I walk over to Spongebob and say, "We don't like you!" everyday since then, i wonder if the person in that costume still remembers me 😅

pt. 23

Edith’s mind was filled with crazy thoughts. The sun seemed to laugh at her ignorance, people were dying, and she couldn’t do anything to stop it. The fairy queen was dead, and her village didn’t even know about it, she should probably tell them, but she couldn’t bring herself to move. She gained motivation by remembering how she had felt when the queen in a kingdom she was visiting had died, everyone was so distraught. That was the deciding factor in her mind that forced her to see what she saw next.
She flew to the fairy village hoping to see everyone doing their everyday business with big toothy smiles on their faces, but what she saw was the exact opposite. The entire environment had changed in an instant, and what lay before her was like nothing she had ever seen. Thousands of bodies lay at her feet, some were missing limbs, some had empty eye sockets, like a hoard of goblins had attacked. That became Edith’s theory, goblins were turning hostile again after hundreds of years of peace, they were turning back to their violent tendencies. Some of the trees were singed, evidencing to dragons having joined in the fight. Edith stared in horror at the charred bodies of Hilaria and Sebille. A small tear trickled down her cheek, she had known Sebille for years, and even though they never kept in contact, Edith still remembered them playing together when they were in their late fifties.
As Edith flew around the scene, she heard a kind of shriek. Her ears perked up and she instantly followed the sound. Eventually she came to a small building that had somehow been left untouched, and was in perfect condition. Edith slowly walked inside so as not to startle anything, but the bell on the door rang anyways. A figure standing behind the counter of this somehow perfect pastry shop perked up and jerked around, spatula held firmly in her hands and pointed towards Edith.
“Who are you?!” The fairy girl cried as brownie batter dripped from her spatula.
“Hello, don’t be afraid, my name is Edith, I’m here to help.”
“Really?” the girl dropped her arms and tilted her head like a confused puppy. “That’s cool.”
There was an awkward silence between the two as they both stared at each other, waiting for the other one to say something first. Then Edith spoke.
“Have you seen what happened outside?”
“Huh?” the fairy tilted her head again.
“Nevermind, but you know, you’re all alone now, you can come with me if you want.”
“Umm, okay?” she licked her spatula and shivered at the amazing taste.
“By the way, what’s your name?”
“You can can call me Maddy-Rose, Rose for short, i guess…” she smiled.
“Great to meet you Rose, come on!”
Maddy-Rose grabbed a giant bowl of brownie mix and flew out the door after Edith, licking her fingers. When she made it out the door however, she dropped the bowl, which then proceeded to shatter on the forest floor. Rose stared and the bodies of all her friends, family, and customers. She covered her mouth to keep herself from screaming and tears started flowing down her face. She could not believe her eyes.
“Did you do this?” she asked Edith who turned to look at her.
“Did you do this?!” Rose started turning bright red.
“What are you talking about?!” Edith pleaded.
“You kill my friends, my family, destroy my home, and you have nerve to try to take me away from the only place I know?!”
“Then what is this?!” Rose growled as she held up a small arm to show Edith, she then proceeded to almost vomit.
Edith tried to argue but noticed Rose staring at the sky. She looked up and saw what looked like a meteor shower of pink racing through the sky.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Their humble beginnings, creating backstory. writing tips #3

Backstory is a very important part of any story. it explains maybe what was happening before the story starts, and it can also be a way to explain why a character acts the way he/she acts, whether they are always happy or always isolated from anyone else.

when writing a backstory, you want to have 3 core elements.

  1. some sort of conflict
  2. some sort of explanation (why the villain is the villain and such.)
  3. and think, how does this fit into this story?
There are many ways to portray backstory, through someone telling a story, through a secret diary, maybe an ancient spirit reveals the past, there are so many unique options!

But, backstory can be extremely difficult to create.
Image result for stress
and when you add it you have to be extremely careful. Unless your plan is to reveal everything, the villain's origin, purpose for evil, why they hate the main character, etc. And it's never wrong to add a few funny cliches every once and a while ;)
Now, there isn't much to be said about writing backstory, just know that you can never go wrong with planning out ahead of time, i learned that the hard way.
Backstory also depends on your characters family line, if some of them are related, it's important to add that into a backstory somehow, especially if it is between the villain and main hero/character.

pt. 22

Scotty’s dreams were filled with strange things, birds without feathers, giant yellow pill bugs, and flying pigs. Scotty woke with a start, pigs with wings were terrifying.
Scotty stood up and looked out the window, only to see a small horsefly whinnying at him. It might have wanted hay, but Scotty didn’t have any on hand at that particular moment, but when he went to get dressed, he noticed that his entire closet was filled with hay. He knew who was responsible for this. With glaring eyes he got dressed, stomped down the stairs, and out into the village. A shadow ran in front of Scotty, making him jump, then he remembered, it was just the twins.
“Jack!” Scotty shouted, ignoring the confused stares of his onlookers. The shadow jumped to stand in front of him and started to laugh.
“I can’t believe you fell for that!” It giggled.
“Yeah, that was super easy!” A little girl, who randomly popped out from behind the shadow. In front of scotty stood two twins, a girl and a boy. Their names were Jack and Jackie, they were village thieves and pranksters. They both had short chocolate brown hair and maple leaf eyes. Their skin was a nice butterscotch caramel kind of color but they had markings of their hands that made them jet black.
“What was easy?” Scotty asked the two giggling masses of destruction. They both just stared at him with blank stares. Jackie held up a mirror and Scotty’s scream rang throughout the village. There standing in front of him was a terrible reflection. It was covered with feathers and more hay. Out of it’s ears stuck two flags that read “I SUCK” in big bold letters.
“While you were asleep we poured glue and feathers on you, i can’t believe you didn’t notice!” Jackie  cackled.
“Yeah! And I stuck those flags in your ears after you walked out the door!” Jack smirked.

Scotty’s cheeks turned red like he was about to explode when someone poured a bucket of water on him from the roof of his house. He looked up only to see Indigo, smiling and waving at the giant chicken that had stolen Scotty’s body. He couldn’t stay mad, so he started to laugh along with everyone else. Until he saw something pink flash through the sky like a shooting star.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

pt. 21

“So Scotty, what do you think of that girl?” the queen started winking at her son, who was slowly turning pink.
“I’m sorry, it’s just that, i think she’s a nice girl and, well, you never know….”
“Goodbye…” Scotty stood up and walked up to his room. He sat down on his bed and stared out the window. The night sky looked average, or as average as it could get.
The moon glared down at the puny mortals that crawled the earth. The moon was more of an introvert than the sun, it tended to hate going to work the night shift, then again, no one does. That’s why the sun tricked the moon into taking the second shift so it could go partying with the other planets and such.
Scotty wondered how this could possibly be possible. But his brain complained that it wasn’t ready to comprehend the science needed to understand the universe, so instead, it convinced him to fall asleep.

Edith started to turn red with rage. She formed a fireball in her hand as her nails grew into long claws.
“How could you do that?!”
“I do what I want!”
“You know, i never even liked Scotty!”
“Yeah, he’s too weak, that’s why i tried to have him killed,”
“You what?!”
“Yup, but then i had to bring him back to life because i needed him to trust me,”
“Wait, this seems extremely cliche…”
“And i see great potential in him, which is why, wait what?”
“You know, like in a book when on of the heroes is going to face the villain and instead of simply killing them the villain just monologues about their evil plan and stupid stuff like that?”
“Oh, how the tables have turned, now you are the confused one!”
“Wait, what’s happening?”
“You just revealed you evil plan to me!” Edith let out a menacing laugh.
“Oh really? You think that I am the villain?”
“Well aren’t you?”
“Edith, this isn’t fantasy, this is real life, there is no good guy and bad guy, only us, people (and some elves, dragons, goblins, etc…..).”
“But what about all the terrible things you’ve done?”
“Just ask my siblings,” Nick took a small pouch off of her belt and opened it, when she did several voices escaped.
“Dalilah seems like the best sister in the world! I’ve been told of how sweet she is!” A teenage girl's happy voice exclaimed.
“I’ve never met her, but I’m sure she’s a great big sister!” a little girl’s voice happily complimented.
“She sounds bossy, but who am I to judge someone I’ve never met!” a boy said.
“Delilah is a great girl, i am so glad i adopted her.” An adult woman exclaimed.
“Delilah was always such a happy girl, she would always smile and help anyone who asked, I’m so glad she’s related to me, and her mother, bless her soul, would have been proud.” the proud sound of a dads praise cried.
Nick closed the bag and hooked it back onto her belt. Edith stared at her with shock.
“Was that your family?”
“Some of them…… That was my step mom, she always thought i was the perfect child, heh, I didn’t like her very much, she stole my dad from me, he didn’t even remember i existed for awhile, so i ran away and caught what they said in this bag…”
“But, how did Peirson and Vulpine know who you were?”
“My father described me in great detail to them, and added his mental image of me into their minds so that, if they ever see me, they would know who i am. The youngest in the family is Daisy, she’s only 100 years old.”
Edith glared at Nicole.
“You convinced them into believing you were a good person?! How could you do that to your family?!”
“I didn’t make them, they chose to! Unlike you, they could see past all my mistakes and see me for who i truly am!” Nicole growled and then evaporated.
Edith watched her enemy explode and tried to comprehend what had just happened. Was Nicole, deep down inside, a good person? Could she truly be changed? Why was Edith staring into the sunrise like she was in a sad movie? She didn’t know, but she didn’t care either.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

life stories: BRACES! :(

if you are planning on getting braces any time in the near future, i suggest fully reading this story. if you already have them or have had them before, i feel your pain, seeing as i just got them.
Braces are cool. That depends on your perspective. Think of your favorite food, if it's something liquid like pudding, applesauce, etc. Congrats! You might survive two whole years! if the food is something crunchy, chewy, or any sort of bread, congrats! you may go insane! bread is not suggested during the first month of having braces and i can understand why. I tried having chips with my lunch the day after i got them, i made it through one chip before the reality set in, I would just have to wait. Popcorn and gum are probably the most popular foods that people can't have with braces.
My journey so far with braces isn't a long one, but it is certainly interesting.
It all started on January 28th, 2017, the day i got my spacers. It had been about a week since we had gone in to find out if our insurance would pay for me to become a brace face, and we had set appointments. I got my spacers that Saturday and had jello for lunch.
Finally, when Tuesday arrived, we set out to our home school group so i could make it to at least one class before we left. Sadly, i had to leave in the middle of my acting class so we could make it to my 11:00 appointment. when we arrived at the office my mom signed me in while i say down in the lobby to read. The appointment was nearing and i started to get nervous that my dad wouldn't make it. Then it happened, my name was called, I'm pretty sure my blood pressure, if represented by some sort of light saber, would have shot through the roof. I was brought to the room where they had done my spacers and i sat in the chair. My mom kept smiling at me until my dad walked in. by the time he got there, i was already getting my spacers removed and metal bands fitted around my teeth. The experience of it all wasn't painful, it was more weird. If you have sensitive teeth you may be uncomfortable, but all in all, it didn't hurt a bit. On January 31st 2017, I looked into the mirror to see my new, colorful smile.

pt. 20

When they got into the open air they started off towards a large mountain which Edith recognized and halted.
The queen looked back at her.
“What’s wrong?”
“No! We can’t go and see hyer! Are you crazy?!” Edith growled.
“Probably, but i need to see her!”

After a few minutes of Edith trying to keep the queen from going to see Nicole, her efforts soon failed and she followed Tatiana to the top of the mountain. Edith landed and started to sweat.
“Oh wow, looks like she’s not home! Okay, we’re leaving now! Come on!” she tried to fly off but the queen grabbed her by the tail. Edith growled and turned back to elf.
They stood there for a good fifteen minutes, waiting for Nicole to suddenly appear.
Just as they started to give up they heard a familiar voice from the darkness followed by a figure walking out of the darkness, carrying an armful of small glass bottles.
Yeah, Dargoth, be good, I’m going out I-” she turned to look and Tatiana and her bottles crashed to the ground.
“D-Delilah, is that really you?”
“M-Mom?” Nicole ran to hug Tatiana. They met in the middle and connected in a loving hug. Edith was astonished.
“I thought i would never see you again!” Tatiana cried.
“And I hoped to never see you again.” Nicole sneered.
“Too bad wishes don’t come true.” She thrust a knife covered in a black liquid into her mother’s back. Nicole stepped back and watched. Tatiana’s eyes went black and her hair became gray and thin. Her skin started to wrinkle and fade and her nails fell off making blood pour from the openings. Edith was no longer astonished. The queen shriveled up and turned to a dust statue. Nicole grinned and blew on her, the dust blowing away in the wind.