Friday, November 25, 2016

pt. 11

The sun started to fall and the moon began to rise, but it was another day before it was really night because the sun and moon had planned a picnic get together and both fell asleep after eating too much. At last though, the moon was awake and the sun prepared for the next day. Scotty’s eyes felt heavy. Loudly, he yawned.
“You know, if you’re tired you can go to sleep,” Edith mentioned.
“No, I shouldn’t.” Scotty yawned.
“Suit yourself, but don't blame me when we need to keep moving and you fall over.”
Slowly Scotty gave into Edith’s suggestions and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Scotty woke up to find himself in a bird nest like fort and the bright sun shining on his face. He dug in his pocket for some silver coins to buy some food but his hand came out empty. His eyes widened and he looked around the fort and spotted Edith, who was still in dragon form and had a burnt patch under her. He ran over and shook her.
“Edith! Edith wake up!”
Edith didn't move. Scotty shook her again but she still didn’t wake. Scotty took out a needle and thrust it into Edith’s foot. She leaped up and howled in pain, quickly becoming human again and rubbing her bloody foot.
“What was that for?!” She growled at him.
“Someone has robbed us!”
Edith stared at him in shock. The bushes beside them rumbled and a dark figure tumbled from them, clutching it’s ribs and shaking with laughter.
“Who goes there?!” Edith’s hands turned into fire and Scotty took out his sword.
“Hey, watch where you point those things! It’s only me!” the shadow said.
Scotty’s eyes widened. “Vulpine?”
“Uh, Duh! Of course it’s me! Who did you think it was?”
“Oh uh, never mind, what are you doing here?!”
“Exploring of course! And I figured i could pick up some extra dough while i was at it!” she tossed Scotty’s bag of money in the air and caught it before stuffing it back into her suit.
“Hey!” He swiped his sword at her legs (which she jumped gracefully over,) “That’s mine!”
“Yoink! But not anymore!” Vulpine ran off. But before she was out of range, Scotty could have swore he saw a tail sprout from behind and ears from her head.
“We have to go after her!” Scotty demanded.
“Why? I have plenty money,” Edith questioned him.
“She turned into an animal!”
Edith blinked at him.
“You’re crazy,” She giggled.
“It’s true!”
“Sure, okay, but don't blame me when you die ten times faster than normal!”
But Scotty ran off before he heard the rest. Before he got very far though, he ran into something.
“Hey watch it!” a girl's voice shouted in his ear.
Scotty backed away to see a girl who looked about his age with dirty blonde hair (like his,), green eyes (like his,), and an impish smirk on her face.
“Are you lost? You look lost to me,” She grinned.
“Oh no, i'm just chasing someone,”
“Who, the girl in black? Dark red hair? Several weapons lining her pants?”
“Yeah, how did you know?”
“She’s the only other person here besides us,”
“Oh, well then,” Scotty felt super awkward.
“Excuse me, i haven't introduced myself, my name is Nicole Whisper, but you can call me Nick.”
“My name is Scotty Scatterkoff, prince to the kingdom of Zilloplaq.”
“Interesting, forgive me your highness, i have been out here so long i did not know there was a new prince,”
“What do you mean ‘new prince’?”
“Oh, you haven’t heard? The last prince died of a serious disease. I believe his name was, oh what was it? Oh yes, Lyman Haymish, interesting fellow, didn’t like him personally, but he was okay at what he did.”
“Well it has been nice talking to you, but i really should get going!” Scotty tried to push past her.
“What did she take from you?” Nick demanded.
“All my silver coins, bu-”
Nick quickly covered his mouth with her hand, and in the other sat a small pouch of silver coins, exactly like Scotty’s pouch.
“Wha? How did you?”
“I stole it back for you, Vulpine won’t know what hit her,” she placed her hands on her hips.
“Gee, thanks,”
“No problem, i have somewhere to be, so i’ll be seeing you!” She ran off.
“Wow,” Scotty breathed.
Who was that? A girl just ran past me and nearly ran me over!” Edith stomped her foot. “I mean the nerve of some people!”
“That was just Nicole er, Nick,”
“Nicole Whisper?” Edith eyed him suspiciously.
“Yeah, how did you know?”
“Dont listen to her, she can't be trusted, no matter what she says it's a lie.”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
“I’m saying, she’s evil, she’s cruel, she’s deceptive and a cheat.”
“But she got me back my silver coins! She cant be that bad!”
“she is, come on, there’s a field over there, i can become a dragon and we can find my mother.”
Scotty followed her but was constantly looking back hoping Nick would suddenly appear and wave at him or something. But all he saw was the lush green forest, growing smaller as they went on.


  1. I love the very beginning of this one with the sun and the moon!

    Nicole @ Best Kids' Reads

    1. But, wait! What happened with the snake bite? Did you miss a section maybe?