Thursday, November 10, 2016

Pt. 6

Scotty just sat there. Lonely and depressed. He thought about Indigo. And that poor girl named Wanda who was sent to the dungeon for no reason. His quest was to save a beautiful princess from a evil fire breathing dragon and they would be together forever. Instead he got a tiny little brat who just happened to have his best friend as her personal bodyguard. And she wasn’t locked up. That was the worst of it. Scotty missed Indigo. He missed his mom he even missed the Kits academy. Because it was normal, tidy, and clean. It was his everyday life.

But this was unusual. That was his fear, stepping away from tradition and doing something completely out of the ordinary. eventually he ended up falling asleep. He had a wonderful dream that he still had his cat, he didn’t have to go on this dumb quest and the best part the princess was locked away in a tall tower with thorns at the bottom and guarded by a fire-breathing dragon of pure awesomeness. Oh how he wished that his dream were the ultimate reality, but when he woke up he was still in the cobblestone tower waiting for Edith to return from her trip to the market. Then he thought about it, it had been awhile since she left and since Scotty had been able to actually fall asleep (it normally takes him the whole night) must mean that she was in trouble. Scotty stood up and walked over to the  bedroom door. Locked. He walked over to her nightstand and started digging through it, looking for something that could even look anything like a key. Then he found it. It was shaped like the keyhole so it must be the only thing that could even resemble a key (which it didn’t). But as he picked up the strange item it burned like hot iron in his bare hands. Scotty dropped it quickly and as it landed it slowly started sinking through the floor and soon broke through the wood and fell to the next level. This kept going until it stopped at the metal floor on the bottom level. Scotty watched as the hole got wider and wider until it was big enough for his dad to jump through. Scotty got ready to jump but the hole expanded still and started to smoke. Scotty grabbed this red thing that Edith must have conjured up, not knowing what it was, and pointed it at the fire. It sprayed out white foam stuff that appeared to extinguish the fire when he pulled a lever. Then Scotty read the label on the side: Fire extinguisher. “Duh!” Scotty smacked himself, dropped the device next to the hole, and jumped through.

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