Friday, December 23, 2016

pt. 15

A small girl ran through the last bush and out into the village. Her bright ginger hair flowed behind her as she ran. Her feet were covered in scratches and blueberry juice from the forest. A small basket attached to her dress spilled berries in all directions. She stopped in front of the castle gates and snuck past the guards. She burst into the throne room and dropped to her knees.
“Good heavens child!” The queen gasped. “What seems to be the hurry?”
The girl slowly rose to her feet but dropped again, this time into a small puddle of tears. The queen ran over to comfort her and asked again.
“It’s your son madam, Prince Scotty,”
“What?! What is it?!”
“He’s dead!”
The queen sat in sheer horror and two maids rushed in with a mop and bucket. The queen rose to her feet and gathered three guards and the girl.
“Do you remember where you saw him?”
The little girl nodded and dashed off, followed by the queen and guards.

The little girl emerged through the bush and into the clearing where Scotty lay. The queen crawled out of the bush, her hair tangled in twigs and leaves, her long purple dress torn and muddy, but she didn't care, as soon as she saw her son she ran to him and dropped to her knees, sobbing. There was a rustling in the bush behind them, the guards readied their bows and aimed. A fiery red haired girl stepped out with her hands in the air.
“Dont worry, i don't want to hurt anyone! I was worried because i heard crying and i,” she stopped when she saw Scotty on the ground. “I-is that,”
“I’m afraid so,” The queen sobbed. “Did you know him?”
“I did, but not like the way everyone else knew him, as their Prince, but as a friend.”
“I’m sorry, i don't understand, who could have done this?”
“I’m not sure, but i may be able to heal him,”
“My name is Princess Edith, My mother, the queen of Rindonach, died, but before, she taught me healing magic.”
“Thank you!” The queen hugged Edith but when she looked down she saw Edith’s dress started glowing red.
“What is that?” She asked. “Your dress is glowing and your ears are turning fuzzy!”
“What are you talking about?!” Edith played dumb and forced her ears to return to normal.
“Oh no!” the queen gasped. “You’re a dragon!”
“Don't be ridiculous you highness!”
“Guards! Get her!”
Edith finished her transformation and flew off, the guards trailing behind her. The little girl clutched onto the queen’s dress.
“Don't worry little one, it’s gone now.”
She shook her head and pointed. A dark figure loomed over the body of the dead Prince.
“Who are you?! What do you want?!”
“You wish to help your son? I know who did this, a hunter named Reid Wolffe, he shot him with an arrow and ran off.”
“And why should i trust you?!”
“Because i know someone who can help your son.”
“Really? What’s their name?”
“Her name is Nicole Whisper.”
“Okay then, take me to her!”
“She is already here.” The hovering figure removed its cloak to reveal and girl in green rags. She had long blonde hair, tan skin, and piercing emerald green eyes.
“You can help my son?”
“Indeed, but it may take me awhile, i will visit twice every month and continue my work, but if something happens you must call me over immediately, understand?”
“I do.”
The little girl uncovered her face and gazed at Nicole. She rushed over and hugged her as tight as her small arms would allow.
“Hello Rosie!”
“Auntie D!”
“You know this girl?”
“I do, but there isn’t time to get into details. I must get to work right away gather all of his friends and the rest of his family, they might want to know what happened.”

All of Scotty’s friends (Basically Indigo and Pierson since Edith was being chased by the city guard.) arrived and ran over to the table he was laying on. The king strolled in and comforted his wife. Indigo fell weeping and the foot of the table, Pierson put his hand on her shoulder and sniffed. Nicole walked in and when she saw them her eyes filled with pain.
“Long time no see eh?”
Indigo turned and gasped. “D?! What are you doing here?”
“D?!” Pierson turned and shrieked.
“Who is D?” The queen asked.
“Her!” Pierson pointed at Nicole.
“What are you talking about? Her name is Nicole.”
Indigo stood there, shocked. “That's what you told her?!”
Nicole’s eyes filled with pain and sadness.
“What is going on?!” The king shouted.
“You guys should leave,” Nicole told Indigo and Pierson. “I have work to do.” She waved her hands and they disappeared in a puff of green smoke.

“You can leave too, i need to focus…”

Thursday, December 1, 2016

pt. 14

All Scotty could remember was that a mysterious shadow minion thing had come to visit. But somehow, now he was back in his bedroom. He tried to stand but fell. He looked at his leg to see that there was nothing there but a metal replacement with a spring so it would still feel natural when he walked. Soon his mom entered the room.
“Oh, you’re awake! That’s good, how do you feel?”
“Why am i here?” Scotty asked.
“We found you, there was a fire dragon rampaging through a village and burned your leg off, thankfully we have it in captivity.”
“I want to go see it!” Scotty demanded.
“I’m not sure that’s such a good idea son.”
“Let me see it!”
“Oh, alright,” She sighed. “But take Fierce with you.”
“Fierce? He ran away ages ago!”
“Yes he came back! He is over there, take him with you when you go.”
Scotty walked over and picked up his long lost cat. He then went to the monster containment facility or MCF. The guards blocked the entrance but when they saw who it was they backed away and let him pass. When Scotty found Edith’s cell, he called out to her.
The dragon grumbled and turned to see him.
“Scotty? Is that you?”
“Yeah! And Fierce too!”
“Another dragon? Here? Well, where is he?”
“He isn’t a dragon anymore, here he is!” Scotty held up his cat.
“I’m stuck here…” Edith cried. “Forever…”
“What do you mean?”
“My tail ember burned out, i’m stuck as a dragon forever.”
“That’s pretty cool,”
“Not a chance! I’m stuck here forever! And Pierson could never love me!”
“You’re nine years old…”
“I know i was trying to make myself laugh…”
“And you failed,”
“Yeah… you should go before the guards get suspicious.”
“Okay…” Scotty picked up his cat and walked away.

Scotty was walking through the forest when he heard a sound in the bushes.
“Who goes there?!” Scotty drew his sword.
“Hold up, it’s only me again,” Nick waved at him.
“Oh, hey.”
“You seem depressed. What’s wrong?”
“My friend needs magic but i can't help her and someone took her mother's soul.”
“Oh! Is that all? I have magic! I can help!”
“Really? Well come on then i’ll take you!”

When Scotty and Nick reached the MCF The guards instantly blocked their path. Scotty stared at them, puzzled.
“Come on guys it’s me! Lets us in!” Scotty demanded.
“Not her, you go alone.” one guard said.
“What’s wrong?”
“She is a fugitive! We must perform an arrest immediately!” the guard pulled out some rope.
“What are you talking about?”
“Get her!” The guard dived at Nick who grabbed Scotty’s arm and bolted away.
“Why are we running?!” Scotty pulled away his arm and ran beside Nick.
“Don’t ask any questions, just run!” Nick climbed up a tree as fast as she could and pulled Scotty up with her. Then she pulled out a small vial.
“What’s this?” Scotty asked her as she trusted it into his hands.
“I said no questions! Now drink up!”
Scotty drank it. Instantly he regretted it. He started to feel light headed and dizzy.
“Come on!” Nick grabbed his arm and jumped into the sky. Scotty covered his eyes in terror as he contemplated the sweet release of death. Where would he go after? What would happen? As he waited, the crunch of his bones never came. Instead he felt as though he was soaring through the sky. He peeked only to see the ground disappearing beneath him. He screamed.
“Pretty neat huh?” Nick winked at him.
“It’s amazing! Aren’t you impressed?”
“Nah!” She grinned. “I do it all the time!”
“But how come you didn’t drink the potion?”
“Like i said, i do it all the time! I don't need it, like i said, i have magic.”
“So, wanna go back and help your friend?”
“Yeah! Let's go!”

Nick and Scotty made it back to the MCF just in time. The guards hadn’t made it back yet and Scotty crashed to the ground a few feet from it when his potion ran out. Scotty led Nick inside to where Edith was being kept.
“Edith! I have someone who can help you!” Scotty called out and watched his friend turn around only to roar in anger.
“No way! I am not taking help from her! She’s evil! She’s cruel! She’s She’s-”
“She helped me escape from the guards when they came after us!”
“I don't care! She only did it to save herself because she knows, if you found out what she has done, you would kill her!”
“I would never kill a friend! No matter what they have done!” He turned to Nick. “What things is she talking about though?”
“She’s lying, i haven't done anything wrong, I’m the only one who has ever been honest with you! She is just jealous of our friendship!”
“So we are friends?”
“Fore sure!” Nick hugged Scotty to prove it. Scotty blushed bright pink. Smoke started pouring from Edith’s nostrils.
“Now, about that tail…” Nick glanced at Edith’s tail and snapped her fingers. The fire instantly reignited.
“What? How?!”
“Like i told Scotty here, i have magic.” She winked.
“Yeah, sure, well, here goes!” Edith slowly shrink back into an elf. The guards ran in and saw that there was a girl in the cell. They let her out as quick as a flash then ran back to their posts. Edith ran over and hugged Scotty then glared at Nick.
“Don't think this gets you off the hook.” She ran off.
“What’s she talking about?” Scotty turned to Nick.
“I’m not sure…”
“So what now?”
“Come on, i want to show you something!”

Nick took Scotty to a large mountain with a huge cave entrance at the top.
“Come on!” Nick urged him.
“I can't climb that!” He gestured to his leg.
“Oh! That can be fixed!” Nick pointed her hands at his makeshift foot and shot fiery red bubbles (or they looked like bubbles) and it became a real flesh foot again. Scotty started to climb but stopped when he saw Nick stroking her chin.
“This won’t do, stay right there!” She flew off to the cave. After a minute of waiting Scotty saw her reappear with a small bottle of sparkly blue liquid.
“Here!” She thrust it at him. “Drink this and think about the top of the mountain. He did and after he felt a small pinch, he was standing at the cave entrance which was looming over him.
“Epic!” He shouted, which echoed through the darkness.
“Shh, they don't know you're here!”
Scotty froze. “They? Who is they?!”
“No one of any importance, just stick with me.”
They walked through the cave which was crowded with goblins, fairies, Giants, small dragons, witches, dwarves, and many more terrifying creatures.
“What is this place?!”
“Shh!!” Nick covered Scottys mouth with her hand. Three goblin guards walked by, talking about what they needed to do and how they hated doing whatever it was. Nick pulled away her hand and grasped Scottys hand and quickly snuck to the next floor, dragging him along. Scottys mind was racing, trying to comprehend what he was feeling and why.
“Okay the dragons lair, where all the dragons hang out, is coming up, so wear this,” she thrust a goblin guard uniform at him. “It will mask your smell, help you sneak past them without being suspicious, if you get caught I will distract them so you can sneak past.”
“You would do that? For me?!”
“Don't think of it, I deal with dragons all the time! Now go!” She pushed him out in front of the dragons who instantly looked his way. Scotty stared at them in terror.
“Hey Leroy!” The first one greeted him.
“Hey my man wassup?” Another smiled.
“Oh um, hey guys!” Scotty tried to sound like a goblin but he had never met one, but then he remembered how they had sounded when they had passed him and Nick. “Yeah what's up guys?!” He said in his best gravely voice, yet when it came out it sounded like Batman.
“It's been awhile since we got a bath would you mind?”
“Uh actually I have a job to do so, you have to get someone else.” Scotty walked to the other side of the room and only glanced back to see that Nick was waving at him to go. He did what she said and waited. He heard some whispering, a large explosion, and some giggles before Nick reappeared around the corner.
“What was all that?” Scotty asked.
“I’ve stunned them, but only for a short time, come on through here!”
Nick led him through a small crack in the cave wall into a large room filled with glass cases and small vials of glowing liquids. Nick flew up to one of the cases, and magiced a bottle of silver and light blue potion into her satchel. She ascended back down to Scotty and thrust it at him.
Scotty recognized this. “Isn't this the potion you gave me that made me fly?”
“Yes, drink up so we can get out of here.”
So Scotty did and felt the ground disappear. He and Nick flew through and open window in the wall and out above the forest.
Meantime, on the forest floor, stood a burly hunter who was carrying a large doe on his shoulders. He looked up, dropped his prize, and held his crossbow toward the sky. Two figures flew overhead, he pointed his loaded arrow and the one behind the other and fired. The creature shrieked and fell from the sky. The hunter stood in terror as the body of a boy smashed to the ground and lay there in a pool of blood. The other figure hovered over the body with an impish smirk on her face. The hunter aimed at her.
“Who are you?!” he demanded.
“Stop trying to look tough, your eyes are clouded with fear,”
“Who are you!”
“My name is Nicole Whisper, most people call me Nick, perhaps you’ve heard of me?”
“Everyone has, anyone who hasn’t has probably been living under a rock for the past ten years.”
“I want to thank you for what you have done, killing our little friend here,”
“What do you mean?”
“Then again, the royal guard may be here any second,”
“After all, you have just murdered the king’s son,”
“Thats the p-prince?!”
“Indeed, so you might want to run, i’ll give you a head start.”
Without asking what she meant the hunter dropped his crossbow and bolted into the thickest part part of the forest. He came to a sudden stop when Nick appeared in front of him.
“Please don’t kill me!” he fell to his knees and begged.
“Oh, now that’s an interesting idea, but i wont, i wont hurt you,”
The hunter got to his feet and backed away slowly. Nick held up her hand and snapped. The Hunter turned into a frog.

“Whoops! I lied.” She grinned evilly. As she turned she heard a high pitched scream come from the clearing where Scotty lay. She teleported only to see a young girl disappear into the bushes.