Saturday, November 26, 2016

pt. 12

Three more days went by until Edith’s kingdom became visible but Edith quickly veered away over to another field.
“Wait! What are we doing?!” Scotty asked.
“Nobody in my kingdom, not even my parents know i’m a dragon.”
“I thought you were an elf!”
“Cross-breed, yes that is a thing, my father was hunted down and my mother remarried a human. It’s complicated, don't worry about it.”

When they walked into the kingdom everyone saw Edith and quickly dropped to their knees in respect. Scotty stared at them. They were all wearing fine clothing and had sparkling jewelry (Or at least the women did). Soon they arrived at the palace and two tall knights opened the doors but pointed their swords at Scotty’s throat.
“Hey!” Edith growled at them. “Show some respect! He is the prince of the kingdom of Zilloplaq!”
“Please forgive us Your majesty,” The two knights replied and bowed in unison.
“Come on,” Edith tugged on Scotty’s arm.
The two royals walked on until they came to a long corridor. Edith took a deep breath and walked down the corridor, or else she walked into it, it was more like a wall with a hall painted onto it. Scotty watched in horror as she disappeared. Edith’s hand reached out and dragged him through. When they emerged on the other side, the room was full of of different potions and cauldrons, enchanted items and several eyeballs (that part kind of grossed him out).
“Mom!!!!!” Edith cried out and a silver mist greeted her. The mist slowly formed into the form of a woman and the details soon followed.
“Hi mom!” Edith hugged her.
“Oh! Hi honey, why are you back?”
“My friend,” She gestured to Scotty, who blushed. “Needs help, he was bitten by a you know what.”
“I see, you were right to bring him to me, come, this way.” Edith’s mother led the two into a room filled with medical supplies and had Scotty sit down on a bench.
“Edith why don’t you go say hi to your father, i need to deal with this.” she gestured to Scotty’s arm.
Edith sighed and left the room.

As Edith was walking down the hall a shadow drifted through the wall and stood in front of her. It smirked as it saw how angry it made her.
“What do you want Nicole,” Edith growled.
“I heard what you said about me back in the forest, do you know how much that hurt?” The shadow made a very convincing sad face.
“Sure i know, that’s why i said it, you deserved it!”
“What did i ever do to you?”
“Everything, you met me, you talked to me, you exist in the first place!”
“Fine, have it your way, just know, i never fail, if i want you, i get you, it's the way of the world.”
“Dream on little goblin!”
“Woah! Such harsh words, Any reason for them? Do I sense a tone of jealousy in your voice?”
“Now way! Just get lost! And don't think I don't know what you're up to!”
“Toodles!” Nick flew off. Edith sighed and walked on.

“There! You're all fixed up!” Edith's mom dusted off her apron.
“Thanks!” Scotty's arm felt better than it ever had. Just then Edith burst into the room and hugged her mom.
“Oh!” Her mom shouted. “What's this for?”
“Nicole is back.” Edith whispered in her mother's ear.
Her eyes widened. “You mean Nicole Nicole?”
Edith nodded. Her mother stood up, walked over to a large bugle horn and blew. Scotty saw out the window, all the villagers were scrambling to get into a shelter.
“What's going on?” He asked.
“Remember the girl you met in the woods?”
“Yeah, why?”
“Well mom is warning everyone to get inside the seller so they aren't blasted to oblivion when she attacks, I just met her again in the hall which means she is coming for you.”
Scotty's eyes widened as the castle shook. Houses crumbled to pieces.
“Wait! Those are-”
“Yeah Giants, I know, and dragons.” Edith interrupted him.
“Mom is it time?”
“Time for what?!” Scotty was more confused than ever.
“Want a chance to prove yourself young prince?” Edith's mother asked him.
“Mom, don't bother he is terrible at fighting!”
“We shall see, here, it's an enchanted sword, anything it slices will turn to stone.”
“Wow, cool, thanks!”
“Come on then knight in shining armor, to the field!”


so recently i have been cutting chapters in half so that these posts wouldn't be too long, but i have recently decided against it. meaning that my next story part will be a full chapter, hopefully.

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  1. Ah, now I see that they were flying to Edith's to heal the snake bite. I can't believe your villain's name is Nicole! :-)

    Nicole @ Best Kids' Reads