Thursday, October 27, 2016

Story pt. 3

Scotty landed on the hard dirt road with a loud THUMP!  and he felt a short yet severe pain shoot through his left arm. Slowly Scotty sat up and turned around, his dagger pointing straight at his attacker. Suddenly the person sat up like a flash and pointed a dagger at Scotty’s neck. It appeared to be a small boy. No older than the age of seven at the least. He had short brown hair and bright green eyes that shimmered in the sunlight.
“Who are you?! What do you want?!” The boy asked with an angry tone.
“I can start by asking YOU the same question,” Scotty replied.
“Very well,” The boy started. “My name is Ahayaki. I am seven years old and live in small village of Contonetaki. I am training to be a hunter for my tribe and when i grow up i want to be the chief.”
“Interesting,” Scotty stroked his chin as if he had a beard there. “My name is Prince Scotty Scatterkoff. I am fourteen years old and live in the grand palace of the kingdom of Zilloplaq. I am training to be a knight and when i grow up i am going to be king.”
Ahayaki’s eyes widened with shock then he suddenly bowed awkwardly.
“I am sorry, forgive me highness!”
“No please don’t worry about it!” Scotty sighed. “i hate it when people bow down to me.”
“Forgive me a thousand times over.”
Scotty ignored him. “Why are you tackling me anyway?”
“He is after you!”
“What’s a maya?”
“No! Amaya! he wanders the woods killing any trespassers on his territory!”
“Wow… these people really have problems..” Scotty thought to himself.
“We must come to my village! You are safe there! You must meet my father!”
Scotty sighed. “okay very well, but i have to get a move on. i am on a quest.”
“A quest!” Ahayaki’s eyes shined with excitement. “what kind of quest?”

On their way to the village Scotty told Ahayaki all about his quest to rescue a beautiful princess. Soon they reached the village.
“Here we are!” Ahayaki said “My big village!”
He was right it was big. Very big. Ahayaki shouted something in gibberish (at least to Scotty it seemed that way,) and instantly a woman ran up and grabbed the reins of Felicia and started to walk away. Before Scotty could argue Ahayaki explained “don’t worry Shandi harpa will take good care of your horse feed her good food and brush her clean.” Scotty couldn’t argue with that. They walked a little further and soon they came to the biggest tent in the village. It was made of bearskin and fish scales that shimmered in the sunlight. On it was painted in red the japanese symbol for chief. While Scotty was admiring the beautiful tepee, he hadn’t noticed that Ahayaki had ran ahead and was already standing at the entrance flap tapping his foot with impatience.
Scotty ran up as fast as he could and they walked in together.
The inside 0f the tent looked almost identical to the throne room in the castle where Scotty’s father lived. Lined with jewels and a velvet carpet was trailing up to the throne where the chief sat and stared down on entering subjects.
“Son!” The chief boomed.
“yyes father?” Ahayaki sounded just like Scotty when he was talking to his father.
“Who is this?!”
“Ttthhhis is Prince Scotty Scatterkoff of the kingdom of Zilloplaq, sir!”
The chief went silent.
After several seconds of lull Ahayaki’s father said “Are you sure?”
“Yes father.”
He pondered this for a moment.
“This scrawny, noodle-like, boney, feeble, sluggish, weak, excuse for a—”
Scotty started to feel hot. He wanted to go up there and say something smart sounding, that was sure to confuse him. But he pushed away the idea. One punch from this big guy would send him flying over the mountains of Eternal Highness, So he just stood there instead.
“yyyes father.”
“Very well!”
“Yyyes father?”
“Let’s have a feast!”
“actually…” Scotty cut in. “I should be on my way.”
“Not so!”
“yes actually”
The room went silent.
“WHAT???!!!!!” The chief started to freak out as he was trying to comprehend what had just happened.
“What happened?” Ahayaki asked Scotty quietly.
“It’s called reverse psychology.” He whispered back.
Ahayaki looked confused but he said nothing more. By now the chief was running around and trampling his servants.
“Well i’d better go i have to be moving quickly.”
“Goodbye!” Ahayaki waved. “Visit on your way back!”

Scotty smiled and walked out the tent flap. He walked through the village until he found Felicia and thanked Shandi Harpa for her help. He quickly saddled Felicia up and clopped away from the village.