Thursday, November 17, 2016

pt. 10

Scotty felt like throwing up that night after the meal. Turns out that Pierson’s family were vegetarians. So instead of Pork, the pig skin was filled with pig slop, you know, the stuff that the pigs eat. Scotty started spitting out rotten carrot pieces.
“What's up?” Edith walked in.
“Oh you know, the usual.”
“Having the absolutely horrifyingly stupid day!”
Edith sat down beside him and patted him on the shoulder. “We all have bad days,”
“Yeah, I guess it’s not the worst i've had,”
“I’ve had too many to count, over all though i’ve probably have had some bad years of my life, most likely over half of my life has been bad, that would be close to, um, 4,550 years.”
Scotty stared at her.
“But you’re only nine!”
“Nine and a half,” she corrected him. “That's in human years.”
Scotty’s eyes grew wide. Was he sitting in a room with a psycho maniac chainsaw murderer alien? Slowly he started to creep away.
“Dont worry, i won't hurt you, I’m only an elf, not an alien,” she giggled as if she could read his mind.
“An elf? That’s pretty cool, sorry I was a little scared,”
“Eh, that’s fine, but its also why i have no friends, whenever i tell someone my secret they run for the hills and never come back, once one of them even had alien control on my tail.”
“You have a tail?”
“Well, yes but it's an expression.”
“What does it look like?”
Edith untied her sash to reveal a long, epic looking, red tail with fire at the tip.
“It allows my to turn into a dragon, but when the fire burns out, that means i’m stuck in whatever form i'm currently in.”
“Well why dont you fly around everywhere as an epic dragon instead of riding on Fierce?”
“Alien control, monster control, Dragon busters, you name it! They are all after me.”
“Why are you telling me this?”
“You asked! Also I felt like I could trust you, you are the closest friend i’ve had in forever!”
Scotty turned pink. Just then Vulpine burst into the room and started dancing around.
“May I help you?” Edith grunted sarcasticly.
“I have welcome gifts for you guys!” she winked and threw boxes at them.
Scotty and Edith just stared at them.
“Go on! Open them!”
Slowly Scotty peeked in and jumped back as a snake slithered up his shirt.
“aaaaaaauuuuuuggggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!” he shouted.
Edith stared at him and Vulpine fell to the ground with laughter. Hearing the commotion, Harley burst in and started pointing at things.
“Whats going on?!” she shouted in her sister's ear.
“I put snakes in their gift boxes!” She gasped, clutching her chest.
“Really! That's great! I have taught you well, come, let's go steal something expensive!” She ripped off her clothes superman style to reveal a black ninja suit underneath. Vulpine then did the same and followed Harley out the window into the shadows of the dark night.
“Uh, what just happened?” Edith twisted her face as the smell of blood wafted up her nostrils. “Whats wrong?! I smell blood!”
“I think it bit me,” Scotty felt stiff.
Edith saw the snake slither toward her and quickly incinerated it with her super awesome fire breathing powers.
“That was a Belcher’s sea snake, the most venomous snake known to the world, this is bad, we have to get you to my mother, she can heal you.”
“But we have to get back to my kingdom!”
“You won’t survive the journey unless we get you a cure! Come on!” Edith dragged Scotty out the window and morphed into a super sick, super cool fire dragon.
“Get on!” she commanded him.
Scotty climbed on and held on for dear life as they blast off at the speed of sound (because light is too fast for this story.).


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