Thursday, November 3, 2016

pt. 5

After escaping the throne room, Scotty found his way through the secret entrance/exit in the wall and rode off after climbing on Felicia. It was a few hours before he reached another village, but when he did he tied his pony to a post with the other travelers horses and walked into market. He bought seven loaves of bread and some apples for Felicia.

After a few more days of riding, Scotty came upon a large round cobblestone tower with vines and moss growing all over it. At the bottom of the tower there was a wooden door. Scotty looked at the tower with a confused look. Wasn’t she supposed to be locked up? Scotty thought.  As he was pondering this thought, a girl with long, curly, ginger hair that was tied into a lace braid that ran down her back opened the door. Her face was brandished with freckles and her aqua blue eyes sparkled. As soon as she stepped through the door she turned her gaze to the sky and lifted her arms in a sleepy stretch. Then she stared at Scotty.
“Who are you?” She asked.
Scotty cleared his throat but before he could talk the girl ran over to Felicia and started scratching her belly. Felicia rolled over like a puppy.
“Oh wow! It’s been so long since i’ve seen a horse!”
Scotty was now very confused.
“Oh! Right so what’s your name?”
Scotty cleared his throat again.
“My name is Prince Scotty Scatterkoff and i am here to rescue you.”
“You? A prince?”
“You scrawny, noodle-like, boney, feeble, sluggish, weak, excuse for a—”
“Yes….” Scotty mumbled.
“Oh eh hem. Well,”
They stood there for a few seconds and then the girl asked, “But why are you here?”
“To rescue you.” Scotty repeated.
“Why would i need rescuing?”
“My father told me you were being guarded by a fire breathing dragon.”
“Oh yeah.”
“Well?” Scotty drew his sword.
“Where’s the dragon?”
“OH ok. Fierce!! Come on boy!”
A giant red dragon came bounding over a hill in the distance and skidded to a halt in front of the princess.
“Good boy!” She said as she scratched his belly.
Now Scotty was even more confused than he had ever been in his entire life.
“Fierce! Sit!”
The dragon sat.
“Now behave, this scrawny, noodle-like, boney, feeble, sluggish, weak, excuse for a prince wants to fight you so don’t go too hard on him.”
The dragon growled. But as soon as he turned towards Scotty, he fainted.
“Oh please don’t tell me he’s scared of you!”
“What did you call him again?”
“Fierce. That’s what he told me his name was. He came here about a week ago as a small weak little starved cat. He asked if i could turn him into something better. So in exchange of me turning him into a dragon he has to guard and protect me like a guard dog. He hates that phrase though he truly despises dogs.”
Scotty fell over.
“What happened?”
“What did this cat look like?” Scotty asked her suspiciously.
“Brown with black stripes and green eyes. Why?”
Scotty fainted.

When he woke up, Scotty was on a pull out bed that was most likely meant for someone much bigger than him. The princess had changed her clothes from a nightgown to full clothing, a loose dress that flowed when she spun and to completely contradict everything else she was wearing she had on hiking boots.
“By the way,” she said. “The name’s Edith.”
Edith took a dagger from her vanity and sheathed it in her belt. Scotty sat up and drew his sword.
“No need for that my lady! I will protect you!”
“OH! No thank you i can do it myself you can stay here i have to go to the market.”
“I’m coming with you.”
Edith jumped out the window and landed on Fierce’s back. Before Scotty could protest she walked over to the wooden door and locked with a giant key that she pulled out of nowhere.

After watching the key disintegrate into mist Scotty sat there as Edith flew away on her cat/dragon guardian thing.


  1. I love the twist with the cat/dragon! And Edith seems cool. I'm really enjoying this story! :)

    1. Thank you! Edith is supposed to be a character based off of me, being the crazy, energetic person that i am, i'm super exited that you like it!

  2. I agree with Laura! I love how you fooled us into believing we were going to be seeing a scary dragon and then it turns out to be tame.

    Nicole @ Best Kids' Reads