Thursday, November 17, 2016


They arrived at the castle where Pierson lived with his father the famous knight Peter Mannering. Pierson hopped off of Fierce and helped Edith down, pretending to be a gentleman and winking at her, his blinding white teeth shined. Fierce growled at him angrily then muttered in his ear, “Stay away from her, I’m here to protect her from idiots like you!”
“Fierce! Be nice!” Edith snapped at the dragon.
Slowly he slunk away and roared, “Whistle if you need me!” as he flew away toward the sun.
“Come on then!” Pierson held out his arm for Edith to hold. Edith giggled and grabbed it.
“Oh, i wish i had known ahead of time so i could dress for the occasion!”
Scotty rolled his eyes. Slowly he turned to see a shadow dash through the bushes.
“What was that?!” he yelled.
“What?” Edith fumed.
“OH the shadow? Oh, don’t mind her, that’s just my sister, Vulpine.” Pierson sighed. “Hey Vulpine!”
The shadow leaped from the bushes and tackled her older brother. Standing up, she brushed off her dark clothes and crossed her arms.
“Hi,” she grinned. “I’m Vulpine, that means ‘like a fox’ I’m Pierson’s sister.”
“Ugh, little sister,” Pierson groaned.
“I’m not that much younger! only by fifteen minutes!”
Edith hissed and shot ice at Vulpine. Vulpine quickly deflected them with her metal wristbands.
“Magic proof! Pretty sick huh?!”
Edith just turned away and started grumbling.
“Whats all the commotion?” a beautiful girl walked toward them and waved. She had long golden golden hair and soft peach skin. “Hello,” she said. “My name is Wynflaeth, it means beautiful and fair, i am Pierson and Vulpine’s older sister.”
“Hello Wynflaeth, my name is Prince Scotty Scatterkoff.”
“Hello Scotty, Oh! Hello Edith! Its very good to see you are doing well.”
“Hi Wyn, whats up?” Edith ran over and hugged her friend.
Scotty was even more confused now.
“Come, you must come and meet the family! And you should join us for supper!”
Wynflaeth and Edith started walking toward the castle.
“Well? Come on! We need to put your horse it the stable.” Vulpine grumbled and took Felicia’s reins.
“Come, she will take care of her, i want you to meet my family!”

When Scotty and Pierson entered the castle there was a grand fanfare. Turns out everyone knew that a prince was here and wanted to honor him. Scotty just blushed and slumped over. In the main dining room there were several lines of family members and servants.
“Welcome to the castle!” a maid with brown hair greeted Scotty and curtsied majestically. “My name is Marigold.”
“My name is Scotty.”
“Hey!” something strong slapped him on the back and he fell face forward.
“Sir! Please do be more careful!” Marigold gasped.
“Aw, don’t mind her, I’m Carnell, Defender of this castle!”
Scotty stared in awe at the bulky mass of muscles that was talking to him.
“Um, maybe you should go sit down sir, the food is coming out.” Marigold pushed Carnell out of the way. “You should sit as well young prince.” she led him to a table as long as a football field.
“Allow me to introduce my family.” Pierson pointed to everyone one by one. “First my brothers, Braxton, Brockton, Caldwell, Colton, Dalton, Darwyn, Devon, Drake, Egbert, Galore, Garrett, Golding, Hyde, Jarold, Jerrard, Kolby, and Maven. And my sisters, Wynflaeth of course, then Fira, Forestyne, Goldwine, Harley, Hawkins, Hazel, Ivy, and Vulpine.”
“uhh….” Scotty stammered. “I got lost at Darwyn….”
Darwyn looked proud as he heard his name.
“Then my mother, Kenley, and my father, Peter the great knight.”
Marigold came into the room carrying a large pig with an apple in it’s mouth.
“Dibs on the apple!” Vulpine thrust herself at it.
“No!” Harley hissed. “you got it last time! Its my turn!”
“No its mine!” Maven screeched.
“I hope you don’t like apples,” Marigold whispered into Scotty’s ear. “They are always fighting over the apple of eternal awesomeness.”
Scotty pondered this thought. Eternal awesomeness? He could be a better knight! He could impress his father!
“That apple is mine!!!” Scotty launched himself into the pile of violent children.
After several hours of clawing and writhing in pain, Vulpine finally got her hands above the other’s. As soon as she tried to take a bite, the apple exploded in her grasp, singing her hair tips.

“And that would be explosion number two today!” Edith giggled.

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  1. Wow! Pierson has a HUGE family! I love the apple of eternal awesomeness.

    Nicole @ Best Kids' Reads