Thursday, November 17, 2016

pt. 8

Soon they arrived back at Edith’s castle, and immediately Edith snapped back to reality when she saw the damage that Scotty had done.
“what did you do?!” she yelled furiously.
“I sort of escaped.” Scotty replied, blushing.
“Well I don’t like it!” Edith waved her hands and the tower was good as new. “Fierce!!!!!!”
The dragon came bounding over the hills away from some destruction he had caused.
“Yes oh great Princess Edith?”
Scotty stared at his former pet in astonishment.
“How can you listen to her?! she’s only, only….. how old are you anyway?”
“eleven and a half.” Edith bragged. “I bet you’re only nine!”
“No actually i’m fourteen but that’s beside the point. Fierce how can you listen to and eleven year old??!!”
“eleven and a half thank you very much!” Edith crossed her arms and scowled.
“Because she has been good to me and she takes care of me.” Fierce nodded.
Scotty walked around in a circle with his hands flailing all over the place. Edith muttered something and shot a beam of light at Scotty’s feet. Suddenly a trail of fire started to follow him everywhere he went. Suddenly a figure jumped from the forest and held his sword up to Scotty’s throat. Scotty screamed like a little girl and Edith ran up. “I look away for two seconds and you get into trouble!” she huffed in a mother like voice.
Then she saw the boy. Edith walked up to him and stomped on him foot. The stranger shrieked and hopped around them, dropping his sword (point down) onto Scotty’s foot.
“Yeowch!” Scotty cried and hopped around holding his injured foot.
Edith watched the two and screamed “you guys are such babies!” and she froze them with a flick of her wrist. Scotty started to turn purple (considering he couldn’t hold his breath for very long and he was imprisoned in a giant block of ice.). The boy screamed and the ice shattered. Sonic scream?! Scotty thought as he stared in awe. Edith got into her battle stance and shot lightning at the stranger which he deflected with another scream.
“You boys make me so mad!!!” Edith screamed, flames shot from her fingertips and she launched into the air as fire erupted from the bottoms of her feet, completely melting her boots. She slowly sank back down to earth and cracked her knuckles.
“Fine, I prefer to fight bare foot anyways.”
The stranger turned pale, “Mommy,” he squeaked.
“Wait!!!” Scotty pushed Edith down before she could blast her attacker to oblivion.
“What are you doing?!” She cried angrily.
“Saving someone’s life! He didn’t do anything wrong!”
“Yeah! I’m awesome! And quite handsome if i do say so myself…” The boy took off his hood and shaked his head in slow motion. Edith’s eyes sparkled at him. The boy’s bright green eyes shone in the sunlight and his longish black hair blew in the wind and he stood in the best heroic stance he could think of. Edith gaped at him with her mouth wide.
“What’s your name!” Scotty held his sword tip up to the stranger’s throat.
“Woah buddy you need to learn to calm down!” he said in a kind of a game show host voice. “Hey girl, can you get this friend of your’s to back off?”
“Scotty, let him speak!” Edith flicked her hands and Scotty slammed against the tower and vines twisted around him.
“I, am Pierson! Son of the great warrior Peter Mannering! I get my skill and good looks from my father! He is amazing therefore I am amazing!”
“Oh, you are amazing!” Edith swooned.
“Oh yes, I am!” Pierson flipped his hair again, winked at Edith, and smiled, his teeth shined like teeth do in a toothpaste commercial. Scotty felt like barfing, he truly hated this kind of person. The kind that thought they ruled the whole world.
“In fact I’m pretty sure that, if I tried, I could rule the whole world!”
Figures! Scotty thought.
“Come! I will treat you to a feast at my place! Oh, and i guess your scrawny, noodle-like, boney, feeble, sluggish, weak, excuse for a human can come, if he wants.”
“Scotty come on! Food! Yummy yummy!” Edith tempted him as best she could. It paid off.
“Fine,” Scotty grumbled. “But he is not riding with me!”
“Oh that's fine, he can ride with me!”
Scotty walked over to Felicia and muttered in her stinky ear, “You are the only thing that keeps me sane.”
During their trip, Pierson almost got eaten seven times and Scotty’s back was starting to cramp up. “Are we almost there?” He groaned at Pierson.
“Oh yes just an hour or so left.” He responded.
“I wish this day would never end!” Edith blushed. “You were so brave Pierson. How come you aren't a prince? You can rescue me any day!”
“My father isn’t the king, but he is the head night at the king’s table!”

“Oh, wow!”

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