Thursday, December 1, 2016

pt. 13!

Scotty and Edith ran to the nearest field and Edith became her epic dragon form.
“I thought nobody knew!” Scotty reminded her.
“I know what i said, except my mom does know so i'm her best soldier, don't get in my way or you will be accidentally blasted to smithereens.”
“That doesn't sound very fun…”
“Trust me, it’s not.” Edith flew off towards the battle where she instantly blew up a hoard of goblins.”
“Don't worry Scotty” Scotty told himself. “You can do this, remember your training, back straight, chin up, and-”
“And both hands together on your sword.” A familiar voice interrupted. Scotty swung around and started waving his sword frantically in all directions.
“Hey don't worry about it!” The voice giggled. “It's only me, i'm trying to help, and swinging around like that won't get you anywhere.”
Scotty turned toward the noise and dropped his sword.
“Nicole! I mean Nick! It’s you!” he ran to see her. “What are you doing here?”
“Oh, well, you know me, i'm everywhere!”
“I travel! Did you think i only lived in that one forest?”
“No, uh, i mean, oh never mind…”
“I see fire over there, is there a fight?”
“Oh yeah, someone is attacking, or something…”
“Well, i'm never one to turn down a great fight!”
“Well i'm going to go help, wanna come?”
“I’d love to really, but i have somewhere i need to be by nightfall, i just saw you and figured i’d drop in to say hi,”
“Okay, well, maybe next time!”
“Yeah, sure, well, next time we meet, tell me how it went!” she started to run away when she turned back and stared into his eyes. Both their eyes flashed white and Scotty blinked, when he opened his eyes again, Nick was gone.
“Wow,” Scotty blushed. “Oh, right the battle! come on Scotty, you can do this.”
He puffed out his chest and charged into the village.

By the time Scotty had actually made it there, Edith had already demolished half of the village and sent half of the attacking fleet running for their mommies.
“Glad you could make it!” Edith growled at him as she flung several amazons off her back.
“Yeah, well, i kind of got distracted…”
“So i gathered, who were you talking too?”
“Huh? Oh, nobody…”
“I see,” A goblin quickly stabbed her with a scythe. “Ahh!!!”
Scotty stared in horror as his friend fell to the ground into a pile of blood.
“Why you little!” He jumped up and sliced the goblin who slowly turned to stone.
“No way!” he looked at his sword with amazement and a sudden love for killing swept over him like mist. “This is gonna be fun!” Scotty ran and jumped around the village slicing all monsters in sight until it looked more like medusa’s front yard than a kingdom. Suddenly Scotty came to his senses and ran over to Edith.
“are you okay?”
“What do you think?!” Edith growled. “Oh no, my tail fire is burning out, I need you to get my mother, she can help!”
“Okay!” Scotty ran off to the castle.

When Scotty was done getting lost he found his way to the room where Edith’s mother was.
“Queen! Edith’s hurt!”
Edith’s mother just stood there. Scotty stared in horror.
“What’s wrong?! Come on! Your daughter needs you!”
After a few seconds of just standing there, the queen collapsed into a pile of blood. Scotty rushed over and turned her over. Her soulless white eyes stared up at him. Quickly Scotty dropped her when he heard a noise behind him. He pulled out his sword and stood at the ready. It was a shadow, staring in shock as his sword tip touched her throat.
“Hold up!” she yelled. “I’m here to give you your body back, i possessed it so you could experience the joys and thrills of fighting. Isn’t it great?”
Scotty just glared at her.
“What did you do to the queen?!”
“I did nothing, however, my master may have, say how to put this, temporarily taken her soul.”
“Oh yeah, master always returns what master takes.” The shadow suddenly had really bad grammar skills.
“Leave me alone! Go back to your master and tell them that i am coming for them! Tell them that i will have my revenge! That i will slaughter them until the hideout is flooded with the blood of my enemies!”
“See? Death is a beautiful thing! Here, have your soul back.” She quickly thrust something into his back and then vanished.

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