Thursday, February 16, 2017

Their humble beginnings, creating backstory. writing tips #3

Backstory is a very important part of any story. it explains maybe what was happening before the story starts, and it can also be a way to explain why a character acts the way he/she acts, whether they are always happy or always isolated from anyone else.

when writing a backstory, you want to have 3 core elements.

  1. some sort of conflict
  2. some sort of explanation (why the villain is the villain and such.)
  3. and think, how does this fit into this story?
There are many ways to portray backstory, through someone telling a story, through a secret diary, maybe an ancient spirit reveals the past, there are so many unique options!

But, backstory can be extremely difficult to create.
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and when you add it you have to be extremely careful. Unless your plan is to reveal everything, the villain's origin, purpose for evil, why they hate the main character, etc. And it's never wrong to add a few funny cliches every once and a while ;)
Now, there isn't much to be said about writing backstory, just know that you can never go wrong with planning out ahead of time, i learned that the hard way.
Backstory also depends on your characters family line, if some of them are related, it's important to add that into a backstory somehow, especially if it is between the villain and main hero/character.


  1. These writing tips are great. Did you come up with these tips from your own writing experience or are they researched tips from a writing class?

    1. a little bit of both, i mostly gathered them from my own writing experiences, but some of them came from different writing workshops at the library.

  2. "You can never go wrong with planning out ahead of time" - good advice!! Especially when applied to writing ;)