Thursday, February 2, 2017

pt. 20

When they got into the open air they started off towards a large mountain which Edith recognized and halted.
The queen looked back at her.
“What’s wrong?”
“No! We can’t go and see hyer! Are you crazy?!” Edith growled.
“Probably, but i need to see her!”

After a few minutes of Edith trying to keep the queen from going to see Nicole, her efforts soon failed and she followed Tatiana to the top of the mountain. Edith landed and started to sweat.
“Oh wow, looks like she’s not home! Okay, we’re leaving now! Come on!” she tried to fly off but the queen grabbed her by the tail. Edith growled and turned back to elf.
They stood there for a good fifteen minutes, waiting for Nicole to suddenly appear.
Just as they started to give up they heard a familiar voice from the darkness followed by a figure walking out of the darkness, carrying an armful of small glass bottles.
Yeah, Dargoth, be good, I’m going out I-” she turned to look and Tatiana and her bottles crashed to the ground.
“D-Delilah, is that really you?”
“M-Mom?” Nicole ran to hug Tatiana. They met in the middle and connected in a loving hug. Edith was astonished.
“I thought i would never see you again!” Tatiana cried.
“And I hoped to never see you again.” Nicole sneered.
“Too bad wishes don’t come true.” She thrust a knife covered in a black liquid into her mother’s back. Nicole stepped back and watched. Tatiana’s eyes went black and her hair became gray and thin. Her skin started to wrinkle and fade and her nails fell off making blood pour from the openings. Edith was no longer astonished. The queen shriveled up and turned to a dust statue. Nicole grinned and blew on her, the dust blowing away in the wind.