Thursday, February 9, 2017

pt. 21

“So Scotty, what do you think of that girl?” the queen started winking at her son, who was slowly turning pink.
“I’m sorry, it’s just that, i think she’s a nice girl and, well, you never know….”
“Goodbye…” Scotty stood up and walked up to his room. He sat down on his bed and stared out the window. The night sky looked average, or as average as it could get.
The moon glared down at the puny mortals that crawled the earth. The moon was more of an introvert than the sun, it tended to hate going to work the night shift, then again, no one does. That’s why the sun tricked the moon into taking the second shift so it could go partying with the other planets and such.
Scotty wondered how this could possibly be possible. But his brain complained that it wasn’t ready to comprehend the science needed to understand the universe, so instead, it convinced him to fall asleep.

Edith started to turn red with rage. She formed a fireball in her hand as her nails grew into long claws.
“How could you do that?!”
“I do what I want!”
“You know, i never even liked Scotty!”
“Yeah, he’s too weak, that’s why i tried to have him killed,”
“You what?!”
“Yup, but then i had to bring him back to life because i needed him to trust me,”
“Wait, this seems extremely cliche…”
“And i see great potential in him, which is why, wait what?”
“You know, like in a book when on of the heroes is going to face the villain and instead of simply killing them the villain just monologues about their evil plan and stupid stuff like that?”
“Oh, how the tables have turned, now you are the confused one!”
“Wait, what’s happening?”
“You just revealed you evil plan to me!” Edith let out a menacing laugh.
“Oh really? You think that I am the villain?”
“Well aren’t you?”
“Edith, this isn’t fantasy, this is real life, there is no good guy and bad guy, only us, people (and some elves, dragons, goblins, etc…..).”
“But what about all the terrible things you’ve done?”
“Just ask my siblings,” Nick took a small pouch off of her belt and opened it, when she did several voices escaped.
“Dalilah seems like the best sister in the world! I’ve been told of how sweet she is!” A teenage girl's happy voice exclaimed.
“I’ve never met her, but I’m sure she’s a great big sister!” a little girl’s voice happily complimented.
“She sounds bossy, but who am I to judge someone I’ve never met!” a boy said.
“Delilah is a great girl, i am so glad i adopted her.” An adult woman exclaimed.
“Delilah was always such a happy girl, she would always smile and help anyone who asked, I’m so glad she’s related to me, and her mother, bless her soul, would have been proud.” the proud sound of a dads praise cried.
Nick closed the bag and hooked it back onto her belt. Edith stared at her with shock.
“Was that your family?”
“Some of them…… That was my step mom, she always thought i was the perfect child, heh, I didn’t like her very much, she stole my dad from me, he didn’t even remember i existed for awhile, so i ran away and caught what they said in this bag…”
“But, how did Peirson and Vulpine know who you were?”
“My father described me in great detail to them, and added his mental image of me into their minds so that, if they ever see me, they would know who i am. The youngest in the family is Daisy, she’s only 100 years old.”
Edith glared at Nicole.
“You convinced them into believing you were a good person?! How could you do that to your family?!”
“I didn’t make them, they chose to! Unlike you, they could see past all my mistakes and see me for who i truly am!” Nicole growled and then evaporated.
Edith watched her enemy explode and tried to comprehend what had just happened. Was Nicole, deep down inside, a good person? Could she truly be changed? Why was Edith staring into the sunrise like she was in a sad movie? She didn’t know, but she didn’t care either.

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  1. I love your funny use of cliches in this installment. Both the villain one and the staring into the sunrise. Very funny!

    Nicole @ Best Kids' Reads