Thursday, February 23, 2017

pt. 23

Edith’s mind was filled with crazy thoughts. The sun seemed to laugh at her ignorance, people were dying, and she couldn’t do anything to stop it. The fairy queen was dead, and her village didn’t even know about it, she should probably tell them, but she couldn’t bring herself to move. She gained motivation by remembering how she had felt when the queen in a kingdom she was visiting had died, everyone was so distraught. That was the deciding factor in her mind that forced her to see what she saw next.
She flew to the fairy village hoping to see everyone doing their everyday business with big toothy smiles on their faces, but what she saw was the exact opposite. The entire environment had changed in an instant, and what lay before her was like nothing she had ever seen. Thousands of bodies lay at her feet, some were missing limbs, some had empty eye sockets, like a hoard of goblins had attacked. That became Edith’s theory, goblins were turning hostile again after hundreds of years of peace, they were turning back to their violent tendencies. Some of the trees were singed, evidencing to dragons having joined in the fight. Edith stared in horror at the charred bodies of Hilaria and Sebille. A small tear trickled down her cheek, she had known Sebille for years, and even though they never kept in contact, Edith still remembered them playing together when they were in their late fifties.
As Edith flew around the scene, she heard a kind of shriek. Her ears perked up and she instantly followed the sound. Eventually she came to a small building that had somehow been left untouched, and was in perfect condition. Edith slowly walked inside so as not to startle anything, but the bell on the door rang anyways. A figure standing behind the counter of this somehow perfect pastry shop perked up and jerked around, spatula held firmly in her hands and pointed towards Edith.
“Who are you?!” The fairy girl cried as brownie batter dripped from her spatula.
“Hello, don’t be afraid, my name is Edith, I’m here to help.”
“Really?” the girl dropped her arms and tilted her head like a confused puppy. “That’s cool.”
There was an awkward silence between the two as they both stared at each other, waiting for the other one to say something first. Then Edith spoke.
“Have you seen what happened outside?”
“Huh?” the fairy tilted her head again.
“Nevermind, but you know, you’re all alone now, you can come with me if you want.”
“Umm, okay?” she licked her spatula and shivered at the amazing taste.
“By the way, what’s your name?”
“You can can call me Maddy-Rose, Rose for short, i guess…” she smiled.
“Great to meet you Rose, come on!”
Maddy-Rose grabbed a giant bowl of brownie mix and flew out the door after Edith, licking her fingers. When she made it out the door however, she dropped the bowl, which then proceeded to shatter on the forest floor. Rose stared and the bodies of all her friends, family, and customers. She covered her mouth to keep herself from screaming and tears started flowing down her face. She could not believe her eyes.
“Did you do this?” she asked Edith who turned to look at her.
“Did you do this?!” Rose started turning bright red.
“What are you talking about?!” Edith pleaded.
“You kill my friends, my family, destroy my home, and you have nerve to try to take me away from the only place I know?!”
“Then what is this?!” Rose growled as she held up a small arm to show Edith, she then proceeded to almost vomit.
Edith tried to argue but noticed Rose staring at the sky. She looked up and saw what looked like a meteor shower of pink racing through the sky.


  1. Oh! I really like this Maddy-Rose girl! Very relateable.

  2. I love your vivid descriptions. Keep writing!

  3. I love your vivid descriptions. Keep writing!