Thursday, February 2, 2017

life stories: BRACES! :(

if you are planning on getting braces any time in the near future, i suggest fully reading this story. if you already have them or have had them before, i feel your pain, seeing as i just got them.
Braces are cool. That depends on your perspective. Think of your favorite food, if it's something liquid like pudding, applesauce, etc. Congrats! You might survive two whole years! if the food is something crunchy, chewy, or any sort of bread, congrats! you may go insane! bread is not suggested during the first month of having braces and i can understand why. I tried having chips with my lunch the day after i got them, i made it through one chip before the reality set in, I would just have to wait. Popcorn and gum are probably the most popular foods that people can't have with braces.
My journey so far with braces isn't a long one, but it is certainly interesting.
It all started on January 28th, 2017, the day i got my spacers. It had been about a week since we had gone in to find out if our insurance would pay for me to become a brace face, and we had set appointments. I got my spacers that Saturday and had jello for lunch.
Finally, when Tuesday arrived, we set out to our home school group so i could make it to at least one class before we left. Sadly, i had to leave in the middle of my acting class so we could make it to my 11:00 appointment. when we arrived at the office my mom signed me in while i say down in the lobby to read. The appointment was nearing and i started to get nervous that my dad wouldn't make it. Then it happened, my name was called, I'm pretty sure my blood pressure, if represented by some sort of light saber, would have shot through the roof. I was brought to the room where they had done my spacers and i sat in the chair. My mom kept smiling at me until my dad walked in. by the time he got there, i was already getting my spacers removed and metal bands fitted around my teeth. The experience of it all wasn't painful, it was more weird. If you have sensitive teeth you may be uncomfortable, but all in all, it didn't hurt a bit. On January 31st 2017, I looked into the mirror to see my new, colorful smile.


  1. I love your new "brace face." Of course, I think the best phrase in this post is "Sadly, i had to leave in the middle of my acting class" --- you must have a very good teacher if you were so sad to leave. ;-)

    Nicole @ Best Kids' Reads

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  3. I love this story! Its so funny and I enjoyed it very much!

  4. You are pretty fortunate if your teeth weren't in pain! My teeth are sensitive in general, so my 2 stages of braces caused quite a bit of aching (Oh, the rubber bands!). However, it was all worth it for the teeth I have today.