Thursday, February 16, 2017

pt. 22

Scotty’s dreams were filled with strange things, birds without feathers, giant yellow pill bugs, and flying pigs. Scotty woke with a start, pigs with wings were terrifying.
Scotty stood up and looked out the window, only to see a small horsefly whinnying at him. It might have wanted hay, but Scotty didn’t have any on hand at that particular moment, but when he went to get dressed, he noticed that his entire closet was filled with hay. He knew who was responsible for this. With glaring eyes he got dressed, stomped down the stairs, and out into the village. A shadow ran in front of Scotty, making him jump, then he remembered, it was just the twins.
“Jack!” Scotty shouted, ignoring the confused stares of his onlookers. The shadow jumped to stand in front of him and started to laugh.
“I can’t believe you fell for that!” It giggled.
“Yeah, that was super easy!” A little girl, who randomly popped out from behind the shadow. In front of scotty stood two twins, a girl and a boy. Their names were Jack and Jackie, they were village thieves and pranksters. They both had short chocolate brown hair and maple leaf eyes. Their skin was a nice butterscotch caramel kind of color but they had markings of their hands that made them jet black.
“What was easy?” Scotty asked the two giggling masses of destruction. They both just stared at him with blank stares. Jackie held up a mirror and Scotty’s scream rang throughout the village. There standing in front of him was a terrible reflection. It was covered with feathers and more hay. Out of it’s ears stuck two flags that read “I SUCK” in big bold letters.
“While you were asleep we poured glue and feathers on you, i can’t believe you didn’t notice!” Jackie  cackled.
“Yeah! And I stuck those flags in your ears after you walked out the door!” Jack smirked.

Scotty’s cheeks turned red like he was about to explode when someone poured a bucket of water on him from the roof of his house. He looked up only to see Indigo, smiling and waving at the giant chicken that had stolen Scotty’s body. He couldn’t stay mad, so he started to laugh along with everyone else. Until he saw something pink flash through the sky like a shooting star.

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