Thursday, January 12, 2017

pt. 19

Edith woke up the next morning to find herself still under the willow tree. She tried to stand up and hit her head on a very conveniently placed, super think, extremely tough branch. She staggered backwards, rubbing her head.
The willow, very offended by this rude gesture, started to cry.
“Oh great,” Edith grumbled. “It’s a weeper.”
Weepers, or weeping willows, as they are sometimes called, are simply willow trees that are quite easily offended by just about anything.
Edith tried to avoid these as much as possible, but she tended to bump into them (literally) quite often.

After a few hours of wandering around, Edith found herself back at her tower, it was in perfect shape. She sighed at walked up to the door. She magicked up her key and went to insert it, but before she could unlock the door she heard someone call her name.
“Edith?!” a voice behind her called out.
Edith turned around and backed into her door. Standing in front of her was the one person she really didn’t want to see right now.
“It is you! Edith!” a girl with long, flowing, bright yellow hair bounded up to her. Her tall leather boot were worn and covered in dried mud which was also crusted on the bottom of her dark blue pleated skirt. The girl also wore an off-the-shoulder sweater with a bleeding heart on it. Her striking white eyes sparkled in the sunlight.
“Oh, Sebille, hi…” Edith grumbled.
“You, you don’t like me do you…” The girl’s hair instantly drooped and turned blue, her skin became extremely pale and she started to cry.
“No! Wait! It’s not that, it’s just that, well, i wasn't expecting to see you again so soon!”
The girl continued to cry and her hair was morphing from blue to black.
“Wait! Stop! Stop being scarred for life!” Edith yelled at her.
The girl lifted her head as her hair turned orange. Edith saw that she was confused.
“Sebille, listen, I’m sorry, it’s just that I’ve had a lot to think about lately, it’s not you.”
“Oh, ok, I understand… But you haven't talked to me in a few years now, you’ve been ignoring me…” Sebille sighed as her hair started to turn a deep red color.
“Sebille, please, listen, i can’t get in contact with anyone these days, if you wanted to talk to me you could have come yourself.”
Sebille growled. Edith sighed.
“Here we go again…”

Sebille flew up into the air and sprouted demon wings from her back. Her eyes turned black and her hair turned to fire. She grew long talons and roared into the sky.
Edith sighed and threw a piece of ice at her. Sebille immediately froze and fell to the ground. Her hair turned white along with her eyes and everything returned to it’s normal proportions.

After about a day of walking, Edith finally reached her destination, Fairy Haven. She dragged Sebille by her leg along the ground to a large castle made of a portobello mushroom, Edith’s favorite which made it hard to resist taking a bite as she entered. She remembered the directions, two rights and a left, she soon found herself in the throne room which smelled of mushroom stew. Edith cleared her throat and the jester instantly stopped juggling. The queen looked down at Edith and Sebille and sighed. She waved her hands and the jester grabbed her stuff and ran off to the corner where she liked to pretend to be stealthy and listen in on other’s conversations.
Edith dragged Sebille up the the throne and snapped her fingers, instantly Sebille unfroze and stood up with rage, her hair turned to fire again. A nearby guard ran in with a fire extinguisher and put out her head. Not realizing she was bald, Sebille ran from the room, leaving puddles of tears in her wake.
The jester in the corner giggled then shut herself up in a closet.
The queen looked to Edith.
“I’m sorry she bothered you... “ she sighed.
“That’s okay, it gave me the chance to come visit again, it’s been years Queen Tatiana.”
“Indeed, it has, come, let’s walk.”

Edith and the queen walked through the village with the jester not far behind.
“So, who’s the new jester?” Edith asked, not recognizing her.
“Hilaria.” The queen giggled.
“Really?!” Edith gasped. “She’s been wanting to do this for years!”
“Yes, she did, so i gave her a chance, but Edith, something is wrong, what is it?”
“How could you tell?”
“I just know, you know this.”
Edith sighed. “Fine, Nicole came back.”
The queen stopped in her tracks. Her face went blank.
“Tatiana? What’s wrong?”
“She’s back, after a thousand years, she’s finally back… my daughter… she’s back…”

The queen rushed over to two of her guards and started talking rapidly. It sounded like a mouse trying to speak english, or worse, elvin.

The two guards nodded and ran off to spread the word. The queen then rushed to her chambers and grabbed a small pinch of light. She sprouted her wings and dropped the light onto them, they shimmered and enlarged. She then flew out the window with Edith following as a mini dragon.

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