Thursday, January 5, 2017

pt. 16

Edith finally lost the slow guards and came to a large tree to rest in the treetops. She glided down and landed. She then became a girl once more and climbed to the highest branch to sleep. But as soon as she lay down, her thoughts were interrupted by a wet squish right next to her ears, she jerked up but saw nothing. As she tried to rest again, her forehead became startlingly wet. She jerked up again and saw a small figure in her lap.
“Hey! What's the deal with flinging me off that egg?!” a small red and black frog complained.
“That wasn't an egg, that was my forehead! Who are you?” Edith responded harshly.
“A frog, duh! Wow, you look hungry, i saw you land, dragon,”
Edith started to inch away.
“Don't worry,” The frog giggled. “Come on, if we go back to my ship you can have something to eat, the crew doesn't mind animals or dragons, don't worry.”
“Crew? Ship? What are you talking about?!”
“Come, turn into a dragon and i will guide you!”
Edith did as she said mainly because she was cute and she was starving.

They flew for a while until Edith heard a loud roaring come from the forest floor.
“Lets check it out!” The frog pointed out. Edith didn't think this was such a good idea but if it meant getting food, she was fine. They swerved down only to find a giant boar preparing to feast on a tribe sacrifice, a young girl tied to a tree and covered in spices. Before they could land the frog leaped off Edith’s back and landed in front of the boar.
“Are you crazy?!” Edith roared. “You’re gonna kill yourself!”
“Try me!” The frog shouted and melted. Edith gasped. The frog was now in the form of a frost dragon! Edith watched as the boar charged but she simply froze it in it’s tracks. Edith quickly morphed back into herself and landed next to the girl at the tree. She quickly untied her and stared at the frog-dragon thing.
“Get on,” she said, now in the form of a red and black griffon. So they obeyed and they flew towards the sea.

They soon reached a large ship and the griffon landed on the dock. As Edith and the girl slid off her, several muscular men lined up a kneeled as the griffon walked between them. The one that looked to be the captain came out a ruffled her fur and feathers. He then noticed Edith and the girl.
“Ah! Princess, forgive me for being so rude.”
“Huh?” Edith tilted her head in confusion.
“And Princess Dawn, to what do i owe this pleasure?”
“Your daughter rescued me from being a sacrifice,”
“Come in both of you! You must be starving, Hazel, show them where to go, and do become yourself, or you won't fit,”
“Yes, father,” The griffon became a girl with a large pirate-like hat and long fawn hair that was tied in a braid. Her dress was black and a dark red leather cover was on her waist. She had dark red leggings and large black boots. She also had a black belt with sheath and sword, on the other side she had a pistol and holder. Edith suddenly felt quite nervous around her.
“Come we can do introductions and eat in here.” She took them into a room with a table and maps all over the walls.
“My name is Hazel, my father is captain of our ship and i am hoping to become captain next.”
“My name is Dawn, princess of the tribe of the river, and i don't like it here.” Hazel glared at her.
“Okay, My name is Edith, and i don't care about titles, i wish to be a great warrior for my kingdom.”
“Well Edith, i'm surprised how calmly you’re acting, you know, this being a pirate ship and all,”
Edith leaped out of her chair and readied her dagger.
“Oh, don't worry, we won't hurt you, actually it's probably best you get out of here as soon as possible, after all, that girl you hate, Nicole was it? She is ‘helping’ your friend and i bet she’s going to do something just awful!”
Edith glared with terror and ran from the room and out into the forest. Hazel grinned at Dawn and changed form.
“Well Shadow, i must say you are quite the actor,” Hazel smirked as her true form was revealed. It was Nicole!

“Thank you Nicole,” Dawn changed into a simple shadow and flew off. Nicole waved her arms and disappeared.

Edith arrived at the castle and burst into the throne room.
“Where is she!?”
The queen gasped. “You! Out! Guards!”
“Your majesty i promise i have no intention of hurting anyone! Just please, hear me out,”
“Go on!” The king bellowed.
“Nicole Whisper isn't here to heal your son, but to hurt him,”
The whole room gasped in horror. The queen ran from the room and came back in a minute.
“Impossible! He’s fine! I was just in there and Nicole left for the day,”
“When will she be back?”
“Two weeks,”
“I need to be here when she is, see what she does,”

The queen sighed but agreed. What else could she do?


  1. I can't figure out if Nicole is evil or not!

  2. Oh I'm so confused but intruiged at the same time! I must know what happens next!