Thursday, January 12, 2017

pt. 18

It had been three months since Nicole had started working on Reviving Scotty, and she had had nothing but success. And one day he finally woke up. He sat up abruptly and looked around himself frantically. He was alone in the room because Nicole had just left. He tried to get to his feet but fell and boxes violently crashed down onto him. A maid heard the commotion and decided to see what had caused the noise. When she entered the room and saw Scotty lying there, attempting to escape the large pile, she screamed, which brought the guards, who ended up calling the cook, who called the jester, who called the cupbearer, who eventually called the queen. When the queen arrived she was overjoyed and sent for Nicole immediately. When she arrived she started cleaning up all of her work and potions. When he had the strength, Scotty threw himself at Nicole in thanks.

Scotty walked through the village to Indigo’s bakery to say hi. When he walked through the door, she dropped what she was doing and gave him the biggest hug in the history of hugs.
“Oh, i’m so glad D could help you?!”
Scotty had no idea who “D” was but he was too tired and too happy to ask questions.
“Is that Scotty?” a voice sounded from the back room.
“Yes Momma! Is it okay if i get out early?!”
“I wish!” Indigo’s mother entered the room with a beheaded chicken in her hands. Scotty shuddered. “But we just have too many customers and Roary is sick, I can’t afford to lose you too, i’m sorry honey!”
That’s okay,” Indigo smiled. “Hey, Scotty, meet me by the river tonight after work, we can hang out then!” Indigo hugged Scotty and continued with her work.

Edith tried her hardest not to cry but she couldn't hold them back any longer. A sizzling sound could be faintly heard through the silent forest. She sat against a willow tree and cried. Cried like never before.
She tried to save him, Scotty, the one person to understand her, she had failed. Failed to save him from the awful fate he would faced. She knew what Nicole what do to him, take a piece of her own soul and connect it to his. Whenever she wanted, she could possess his body and mind, forcing him to do or say anything she wants him to.
Edith looked down at her hands, tear streaks had burned themselves into her skin, the same had happened to her face where the tears had been.

The sun started to set, making way for the moon to look down upon the pesky mortals.
Scotty say down at the dinner table with his mother and Nick. The queen had invited her to eat with them as a thank you for bringing Scotty back to life. She had quickly accepted, almost too quickly.
The queen had prepared mollusks, Scotty’s favorite food, in celebration. Turns out that Nick loved Mollusks and was very excited. Scotty reached for the salt and prepared to sprinkle it on his serving when Nick’s hand grabbed his wrist. The queen stared at the two, who were looking at each other.
“Salt?! Really?!” Nick sneered.
“Yeah, what’s wrong with that?” Scotty asked, confused.
“Here,” Nick took the salt shaker from his hand and replaced it with a vial of sparkles. “Try this.”
“Really, sparkles?”
“Not sparkles, silly, this is the essence of light, go on, try it!”
Scotty reluctantly uncorked the vial and sprinkled some on his mollusks. He then took a bite. It tasted amazing, like stars made of more stars. Scotty wasn't sure what that might taste like, but he could think of no other way to describe the incredible flavor.
“Wow!” he exclaimed after several seconds of silence.
“Good, right?”
The queen remained silent, trying her hardest to take photos with her memory to be extracted later, she liked to think of this as Scotty’s first date. She was already planning a scrap book. Yes, she was that kind of mom.