Thursday, January 5, 2017

pt. 17

Edith walked out of the castle courtyard and went to the lake. She sat on a hill and gazed out upon the silent, motionless water. Two others joined her there.
“Are you thinking about Scotty?” The girl asked.
“Yup, you too?” Edith sighed.
“So Pierson, who’s this girl you brought with you?”
The boy was startled at the sound of his name. “How do you know my name?!”
“Really? It’s me! Edith!”
Pierson turned to her and laughed. “Oh, so it is! This is my cousin, Indigo. Indigo, this is my friend Edith.” Indigo turned to Edith and shook her hand.
“Wow,” she gasped. “I’ve never met a real live dragon before!”
Edith froze when she mentioned that word. “I’m not sure what you’re talking about!”
“Don’t be silly, and don't worry, i love dragons, my best friend was a dragon. Until he died.”
“I’m sorry,”
“Hey, it happens. Don't worry about it.”
“So do you think D can save the prince?” Pierson shrugged.
“Whats with the whole ‘D’ thing anyways?”
“My cousin, Pierson’s long lost sister, Delilah? She was the blonde girl who said she could bring him back to live.” Indigo sighed.
“Nicole is your sister?!” Edith shouted at Pierson.
“Yeah so?”
“You’re related to the most dangerous criminal in the universe!”
“Don’t be ridiculous, Delilah would never be that bad. Nicole Whisper is the most dangerous, no one has ever seen her and lived to tell the tale!”
“I have! You have! Scotty almost did,”
“Don't be silly, it's not like D is Nicole!”
“But she is!”
“You’re crazy!” Indigo glared at Edith. “If you want to insult our family again, you’re gonna wish you hadn't!” and with that, the two walked off, leaving Edith sitting there in horror.
“Clever, clever girl,” a voice sounded behind her.
“What do you want Nicole, or should i call you D now?”
“You can call me what you want, i won't mind,”
“What do you want with Scotty?!”
“I want to do the impossible, bring him back to life, he was the only one to take me for who i truly am,”
“He never saw your true self, you just showed him your fake side,”
“Well, i’ll be seeing you,”
“Don't count on it!”
There was a boom and Nicole burst into flames. She was gone. Edith was alone, for real this time. But she didn't care. Slowly she rose to her feet and started home, she shouldn't stay here any longer. Everyone hated her here. So she headed home.