Wednesday, October 19, 2016

New story pt. 2

here is a continuation of my last post. enjoy!

That night Scotty kept on pondering the meaning of life. Why was he alive? Why was he skinny? why does he like mollusks? They’re actually quite flavorful if you add some salt. And by some i mean maybe ten pounds or so. The bed started to get cold. Scotty started wishing that Fierce hadn’t left the other day. Fierce was Scotty’s pet cat. Or he was. He always kept the bed warm. He probably didn’t expect Scotty to come home that night and had wandered off to find a new owner to care for him. Scotty missed his cat. Who wouldn’t? Though it is depressing we’re getting away from the real storyline. It was that on that particular night that something amazing happened. What could be so amazing you ask? That night one of the king’s messengers arrived at the door. Scotty pretended to be asleep so his mom got it.
“Scotty!!” His mom called.
“I’m asleep!!” He called back.
“Oh sure you are!”
“because if you don’t come down within five seconds no mollusks for breakfast tomorrow!” Scotty was down the stairs in less than a millisecond.
“Hello prince Scotty!” The messenger bowed. “I hate to ask but why aren't you in the palace with your father?”
“I wanted to umm…. improvise.” Scotty responded.
“G’day ma’am.” He greeted his mom with an Australian accent.
Scotty cleared his throat. “So… back to the point mister Australia or whatever, but what's the point of this visit?”
The man pondered his question as if Scotty was a master of riddles.
“ah! yes!”
His response made Scotty jump back with surprize.
“My visit consists of two reasons. First, Ma’am, the king wishes to see you.”
“Oh! Very well.” Scotty’s mother stalked from the room and out to the castle.
“And you your highness Prince Scotty Scatterkoff Of A Most High and Mighty name…”
“yeah yeah i get it..” Scotty sighed and looked down eyes wide with shock as he stared at the man who was now on his knees and curtseying dramatically. “And please don’t call me high and mighty.”
“As you wish sir.” He stood up and brushed himself off. “As i was saying, the king wants you to go on a quest!”
Scotty fell backwards. “No! Not my dad! You must be confused with someone else!”
The messenger checked a list he was holding. “Nope! it says right here!” He pointed to the list.               Part of the list was,
              Quest list
                             Ari Pakistan
                         Asanet Peco
                         Beckey Night
                         Bo Garett
                         Cari Garett
                         Connell Lakinok
                         Cracker Burpi
                         Danni Friend
                         Derk Smiley
                         Doker Smiley
                         Sack Happy
              His royal highness Prince Scotty Scatterkoff
And that was just the first page. Scotty blinked with astonishment. He really was on there! Scotty fell backwards, again.
“Come, come!” The man prompted “We have to go and get your instructions from your father!” He lifted Scotty off the ground and dusted him off with his feather duster that he pulled out of nowhere.
“Come, come!!” He lifted Scotty into his carriage and then climbed in himself. The reins flicked and the horses set off. They actually were quite short for horses. Then Scotty realized they were ponies. His messy hair blew in the wind. The entire town curtseyed or bowed as he passed. His light skin suddenly turned the brightest color of red and pink mixed together. He pulled his cloak hood over his face to keep away his embarrassment.
The horses pulled up to a large castle big enough to hold one million people the size of Rhode Island! Ok, maybe that was pushing it, but a lot of people! The very first party held there included 567 people and 67 servants. Scotty walked into the palace and an enormous fanfare greeted his arrival. It was actually quite annoying if you think about it. Large horns blasting in your ears, servants cheering your name, that sort of thing. He walked through the stables and out into the main hall. There were banners of all colors hanging from the walls and banisters. The throne room was lined with gold and jewels. The throne was made of silver and the cushion was velvet.
“Son!” Boomed the king enthusiastically. “I hope you know why you are here?”
“yy..yes father!” Scotty shivered.
“well Marvin my messenger here, brought you here for a quest!”
“yyess father i know..”
“yyy..yes father i don’t know..” Scotty stuttered.
“Very good..” The king pondered the thought for a minute. He may be the king and have a lot of power, but naturally he wasn’t very bright. “You are here because i am sending you on a quest!”
“very well father..”
“A quest, To rescue a princess!”
“Yes father..”
“well off you go then! Marvin has a map for you.”
“yes father…”
Scotty walked out of the room to the courtyard where Marvin was waiting.
“Here is your map sire,” Marvin handed his a very complex piece of paper that looked like it should say something in the strange inscriptions, but Scotty couldn’t tell what they meant. After a very long and confusing explanation from Marvin of where Scotty should go, he was sent on his way on a small bay pony named Felicia.

After a while Scotty stopped for a rest to eat some of the rye bread he had packed, as well as some carrots for his pony. After a small nap they were on their way again. Out of nowhere a shadow came from behind a tree and tackled Scotty off his horse shouting, “Look out!”


  1. Good job This is a really good story, I hope you continue it!

  2. I love that bit where you say about how annoying the fanfare is! In theory having people make such a fuss when you enter a room would be cool, but actually I don't think I'd like horns blasting in my ears either. I hope Scotty's quest goes well :)