Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New story intro

                NEW STORY!

  • Here is a new story i have been working on.
  • Leave your opinion in the comments! ;P

Once upon a time. A classic introduction to a great story. But then again, if that was the beginning to this tale, it would make it less interesting now don’t you think? It would sound like the classic princess story who gets locked in a tower and waits for her true love to save her. That's not the case here. True love and all won't happen yet. Otherwise it would be awkward for our 14 year old hero. So instead of “Once upon a time” how about we start it like this.

The dragon was winning, there was no doubt about that. It was mainly because a weedy 14 year old teenager was fighting it whose tangly, blondish hair would stick out in every which way if he didn’t have on a hat. Over the shouts and jeers of his other classmates, Prince Scotty Scatterkoff could just faintly hear the slight encouragement that came from his father. Things like, “You stink at this!!”, “You call yourself a knight?!”, and “Wow! Some prince you turned out to be!” you know the usual. On the other hand he knew she was cheering for him but Scotty could not hear the cries of actual encouragement that was coming from his best friend, Indigo. She was, after all, cheering as loud as she possibly could. It was always the same. Final exam day was the day in every knight’s life that everyone dreads. The day where young knights in training, or KITs, had fight their first life size replica of an adult dragon. But this time it didn’t have a manned flamethrower in the back so it should have been easy. But it wasn’t. Let’s just say that the hero of our story wasn’t the best fighter. The only fight he had won in his ENTIRE LIFE was when he was fighting a wood dragon wyrmling. only because it didn’t breath fire and was much smaller than this. So there he was. His father screaming his head off. The dragon ended up being dragged back into its enclosure after the time limit was up.
He walked gloomily over to Indigo and she patted him on the back. “don’t worry!” she encouraged “you’ll do better next time. It’s only your… ummm…. 5th try right? You can still try again!”
“Sure… real encouraging..” Scotty mumbled. “I just have to face it!”
“face what?”
Scotty smacked himself.
“Face what????” Indigo urged.
“That i'm not cut out to be a knight!!!!!”
“Let alone the prince!!”
“You know some of the greatest warriors started small.” Indigo responded.
“yeah but…” Scotty wasn’t sure how to answer to her comment.
“Well i have to go help my mom with the baking!” Indigo sang. “Those croissants won’t roll themselves!” She ran off toward the bakery. Scotty thought long and hard about what his friend had said. Maybe she was right! Maybe he could be a hero! Unless, of course, he actually tried to be one.


i hope you liked this small part of my new story!


  1. Wow! I LOVE this story! Keep going I NEED to know what happens next!

  2. This is a fantastic story! I can't wait to hear more of it!!

    Nicole @ Best Kids' Reads

  3. Awesome story! I absolutely love how you started it, it was really unique and I was instantly hooked. I definitely need to read on and see whether or not Scotty makes it as a knight.